Is WordPress or Weebly Website Builder the Best CMS for Web Design?


WordPress or Weebly Website Builder the Best CMS for Web Design

Businesses aspire to manage a good online presence, but more often ignore the need to manage a good website, quality aspects of a good web design, and effective ways of managing quality content over the website. 

In the case of developing websites or managing the themes of the websites, more often the businesses rely on a website builder with a CMS platform to deal with the aspects of online presence management.

When it comes to making a website, there are many popular platforms, such as Weebly, which is a hosted website builder, and WordPress, which is a self-hosted content management system.

Weebly and WordPress have a distinct set of features for user experiences, so it’s important to compare them and choose the one that works best for the business budget, skill level, and goals.

However, businesses must prioritize choosing a good website builder and CMS platform that can support the social and online presence management efforts of the businesses.

The crux difference between Weebly and WordPress as a website builder is that Weebly is much easier to use, but it has a lot fewer features in comparison to the full-scale solution offered by WordPress as a proper website builder.

This article compares Weebly and WordPress in detail. The attempt is to highlight the key differences between the two website builder platforms, to help businesses to focus on dealing with an informed choice.

We’ll look at how easy they are to use, how customizable they are, how easy it is to manage the site, how fast it is, how SEO-friendly it is, and if they support eCommerce and blogging.



Weebly is offered as a SaaS platform that allows businesses to build websites with ready-to-use tools, as an easier website builder solution. Weebly is the fourth most-used website builder right now.

Weebly’s eCommerce features got a big boost is improved to better perform, making it a better choice for businesses that want to improve their online presence.

Weebly is a website builder that, like many others, makes it easy to make a website.

When a business chooses a subscription level, some inherent aspects allowed for the process are hosting, customer support, and an easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder that lets you put elements as required for the planned website design and make stylish pages quickly.

Also, the teams can get free and paid add-ons from the Weebly App Center to deploy more features in the website, and manage well using the Weebly website builder.


Twenty Seventeen WordPress Theme

WordPress is free and open-source CMS platform and a sound website builder for making websites and is considered a quality CMS builder option.

WordPress has an in-built capability model to handle personal blogs or large-scale CMS platform-powered sites or towards structuring the eCommerce stores too as needed.

WordPress is the most popular platform for building websites because it is used to make more than 43% of all websites.

As a self-hosted platform CMS platform, WordPress features are highly resourceful, and there is considerable content available in the public domain as to how to develop good website design using the WordPress website builder, and towards dealing with its CMS platform for better process outcomes.

Depending on the plugins and themes the business prefers to add to the website, flexible payment options can be chosen to have constructive and quality designs planned over the CMS platform.

Since it is flexible and can grow, WordPress is a good choice for many. Even though it takes longer to learn than most website builders, businesses can experience more flexibility in terms of dealing with the CMS platform and the design templates available with the WordPress website builder.

Even in the case of beginners, the ease of features with WordPress website builder can support installing a page builder plugin to make it feel like a website builder.

Choosing professional services for dealing with the quality of website design over WordPress can have the flexibility of managing to edit the site code and making necessary changes to improve the overall quality of the website design.

WordPress vs. Weebly Website Builder 

1 Ease of Usage

Putting together a website for the first time can be a lot of work. The developers need to choose a website platform that is easy for people to use and have seamless experience surfing content across the webpages powered by the website builder.

When it comes to ease of use, a website builder like Weebly rates better than WordPress. Still, using WordPress is not too hard.

Once the installation is done, it will be easy to make changes to your site once you get the hang of it.

However, in terms of technical comparatives and ease of use for managing a good CMS platform, surely Weebly has the upper hand over WordPress for the dynamics of ease-of-use scenario.

While Weebly can be seen as a promising DIY model, the potential of WordPress website builders stands exemplary for professionals with hands-on experience dealing in website design.

2. Customization 

Customization of the design templates, choosing the color combinations and thematic options, and third-party design templates are some of the key metrics important to compare the website builder options.

From the above-mentioned perspective regarding the scope of customization and ease to change, WordPress is the clear winner.

Even though Weebly has some apps that support page additions etc, it can’t compare to WordPress in terms of the feasibility and flexibility of ways and means for customization.

Thus, in the metrics of the customization facility, the scope is very high with WordPress as a CMS platform and website builder.

3. Site Management 

The other important metric is for considering the site management flexibility and in comparison, between Weebly or WordPress, Weebly makes managing a site easier in general, as technically it consists of only a limited set of options. 

On the other hand, WordPress supports the freedom to do significant customization scope. WordPress has the upper hand in the site management scope of Weebly WordPress when it comes to managing websites.

The above set of comparisons signifies the various key elements that are important and can influence the decision on choosing the appropriate kind of website builder and CMS platform for dealing with website design quality.

For assistance in choosing the right kind of website builders and more information, reach out to Exabytes Malaysia customer support.

Drag & Drop Website Builder

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