Exabytes .NET Domain Sale RM3.99

1 Day .Net Domain Sale

Ladies and gentlemen, tauke (bosses) and tauke so (lady bosses) start your business on the Internet TODAY, go online laaaah!!!

With the Gila Sale, your entry into the online business world only costs you RM3.99!!!

There are currently 2 Billion Internet users, and the potential for a highly profitable business is Huuuuuge!

NOW taking the first step is NOT the hardest anymore! On this coming 31 January, your .NET domain will be sold at RM3.99 ONLY!!!

Don’t hesitate, quickly search your website name today! Check the availability and prices of your ideal domain before proceeding to domain registration.

Bringing Your Existing Business Online Has Crazily Countless Benefits:

  • 24/7 Business
  • Borderless Sales
  • Unlimited Biz Growth
  • Lower Your Operation Costs

– NO retail sales persons, monthly rent/utility expenses are needed.

  • Lower Advertising Costs Online

– Online Ads are much cheaper compared to Offline Ads.

  • Provide The Most Competitive Price

– Since plenty of costs and time are saved, it gives you the price edge over your competitors who haven’t tapped into the power of Online Business.

  • Speedy Setup And Minimum Starting Capital

So don’t wait laaaah! ONLY RM 3.99 to Kick-Start Your Biz Website! Go Online laaaaaah tauke and tauke so!!!

Get your .NET domain sale at RM3.99 now!

** Promotion is only valid on 31 January, 2013 for the first 100 registrations. Starts at 9.00 am.

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