.BLOG - Brand New Eye-Catching Domain for Your Website!

Exabytes is excited to introduce .BLOG domain extension!

Whether it’s a brand, person, business, retail, e-commerce or hobby —  .blog gives you a dedicated space to shape your digital identity, establish your expertise and tap into passionate communities.

When setting up a new blog, why not consider one of the newest TLDs? With .blog, the new TLD for blogging, the sky’s the limit for all kinds of websites you could build.

Promote a business, build brands, build portfolios, share recipes or share photos. You can use .blog to share tips on crafts and hobbies or set up a political dialog. Businesses can use .blog to connect and share timely and relevant information with customers, and potentially finding plenty of new leads/customers. Pair your name with .blog for amazing results!

A blog can do so many things, and it’s even better with a .blog domain.

.blog domains - for all the ways you share

What Can You Do with a .Blog Domain

  • The .BLOG domain you want is probably available
    .Blog is brand new! But don’t wait too long. Your desired .BLOG domain could be gone in a minute.
  • Own your first impression
    .Blog is eye-catching, unique, and instantly lets people know what to expect.
  • Expand your influence
    Own a website address that’s easy to search, share, and remember.
  • It will help you sell more.
    HubSpot reports that 60% of businesses who blog gain more customers.

What If I Already Have a Blog?

Don’t let someone else or your competitor beat you to the .blog domain. If you already have a blog in a different domain, register the .blog domain that belongs to you, such as yourbusiness.blog in addition to your primary domain, yourbusiness.com

holding a blue highlighter pen with laptop and smartphone.Blog domains are a strong choice for:

  • Media outlets
  • Startups
  • Designer
  • Business
  • Portfolio

Get a Great Deal on .Blog Domains
Starting today, you’ll be able to register a domain with a .blog extension. There’s no time to lose! Register your .blog domain today here!


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