CRAZY RM9.99 .COM Domain Deal – NO KIDDING!


Are you crazy about the FIFA World Cup in Brazil? Well, some really crazy thing is Now happening at Exabytes too! Yes, it’s the Crazy .COM Domain Promo that lets you own a .COM domain for JUST RM9.99!!!

RM9.99 .com domain name promo

No kidding, with only RM9.99 for the first year, customers Now Enjoy BIG SAVING of Over RM45 for each new .COM domain registered.

Exabytes Help You Stop Scammers/Spammers

Register domain name with Exabytes also comes with option to add on spam and scam protection, namely ID Protect (t&c apply). ID Protect prevents ill-intentioned spammers from obtaining the email addresses, contact information, etc of domain registrants and distribute or sell them to some unscrupulous marketing firms.

For more information about domain name ID Protection, please contact our sales now!

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This CRAZY Deal ends on 30th June 2014! So Act Fast to grab your favorite .COM domain!

Act NOW to Avoid Paying MORE in the Future!

Register Domain Name here

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