How Much Does a Domain Cost in Malaysia? 2024 Update


How is Domain Name Pricing Determined in Malaysia

Managing digital presence has website management as one of the fundamental factors. Managing the websites over a good domain name is important for getting traction to the website.

It should be easier domain name for the users to remember the website domain name.

Alongside the selection of the domain name, the businesses must focus on the registration of the domain name and retaining the domain name for a long at a competitive domain price.

When businesses buy a domain name, the first in the selection is the period of registration and the price offered for the period.

Usually, for long-term registrations of any domain name or specifically in .my domain, there are some good discounts offered to buy a domain name.

In this article, the emphasis is on understanding the right kind of pricing models and how much a domain price is for registration as my domain in Malaysia.

In the purchase of the domain name, there are various aspects like the domain price, and the selection of the TLD (Top-Level Domain) extensions which influence how businesses buy a domain name.

For .com extensions, the domain prices are always costlier in comparison to the other extensions like my domain or com my domain.

Also, the pricing of the domain name depends on the registrar chosen for managing the domain registration.

In a conventional scenario, the domain names shall cost anywhere from MYR20 per year, and it depends on the number of years chosen for the registration or renewal and the service provider.

In some exceptional cases, when the already existing domain name is bid, the domain price shall cost thousands of dollars too for the businesses.

Cost-benefit analysis is an imperative need from the system, wherein it is important to understand the pricing for the domain name, and how much is the domain price for long-term registration.

Some of the key factors that should influence your decision to buy a domain name are the purpose and the best-fit domain name that can define your business entity.

For instance, in the case of a vlog site or blog site related to a specific subject, to buy a domain name, one must focus on easy-to-remember, catchy, and one that can have a unique identity.

Similarly for eCommerce stores, one should buy a domain name that is catchy and easy to identify with the brand name or the product name as my domain or com my domain or com domain.

Among the popular extensions available to buy domain names are .net, .org, and .com, as in general, and the country code extensions like .my, .sg .us, .jp and .co domain.

The demand and popularity among these domain extensions vary, basis the business segment, ease of the domain name, etc. to buy a domain name.

How much does it cost to buy a domain name, on average?

The average domain price is on average of MYR20 to MYR120 per year, and it depends on what kind of extension is chosen and the registrar chose to buy a domain name.

In an illustrative scenario, if a reputed service provider is offering the pricing as MYR45 to MYR70 for a .com extension, my domain extension might be offered at MYR120 per year registration.

There could be additional discounts for domain name registration if the clients buy a domain name for long-term at a better domain price.

For instance, the same .com domain name registration could be offered at MYR39.99 or so for a long-term scenario. Thus, businesses need to focus on the long-term aspects to buy a domain name.

The critical advantage of focusing on such long-term purchase options to buy a domain is how you retain the ownership of the domain name for a long, and the cost paid for my domain is lesser than what will be paid in total on a yearly renewal basis.

Some of the Key Factors That Influence Domain Prices

Domain prices can vary basis some of the factors influencing the pricing scenario like

The popularity of the domain name is one of the influencing factors. If the domain name is available in my domain or com my domain, it could be costing lesser than that of the com domain or .net domain to buy the domain price.

The type of domain name in terms of the domain extension names has its influence on the domain price.

Registrars chosen for handling the domain name registrations are the other impact factor. While some offer deep discounts for the first-year domain price, when the business chose to renew the domain name, there could be significant costs for the renewal of the domain.

Few of the domain name registrars offer the combination package wherein alongside buying a domain name, if the businesses buy hosting solutions too, there could be additional discounts.

When the user buys the domain name for long-term, alongside complete hosting packages, it could result in better discount deals.

Short domain names have more domain prices than longer domain names and the availability of the domain name also has an influence.

If the domain name is already taken, to buy a domain name one must bid for the domain name, or work on the asking price for the transfer of domain ownership.

Buy a Domain Name on a Budget

If you are looking for a domain name on a budget, some of the things to consider in the process are:

  • Choosing a less popular domain extension to buy a domain name for the business is one good option to lower the costs of a domain name.
  • Shop around for a good deal, there are many service providers offering domain registration, and choosing my domain or com my domain can help in better price deals to purchase a domain name.
  • Always prefer to buy a domain name for the long term at attractive domain prices. This will save significantly on the costs incurred on domain management over the long term.
  • Consider choosing domain brokers’ services as some of the discounted domain names are not available for the public, and brokers could help with good deals to buy a domain name for multiple years.

To know more about domain registration and to have good domain pricing deals to buy a domain name for multiple years, reach out to the Exabytes Malaysia customer support team for more information and deal offerings on my domain, com my domain, etc.

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