How to Back Up Your iPhone without iCloud – A Simple Guide

how to backup iphone without icloud
How to backup iPhone without iCloud?

Data backup solutions are about focusing on a different set of data across the devices being backup in a secured manner, wherein in case of any disaster or data recovery scenario, such data backup can be resourceful.

When such data backup happens over the cloud backup and cloud storage, the scope of accessibility and data backup taking place in real-time is a significant solution.

Different backup solutions are prominent for distinct kinds of data backup options and are compatible with data backup from a specific range of devices.

More often, the disaster planning and data recovery plans are eyed on the systems, cloud-based applications, and SaaS (software as a Service) solutions.

But in general, the data backup systems ignore the cloud backup of the data available on mobile devices.

Unlike in the past, these days, users rely heavily on mobile devices for managing critical data, storge photos, scanning, and storing documents, and downloading some key information into the mobile device’s local memories.

When such data is not backup regularly and in the instances of physical or hardware damage to the device, the threat of losing the data is very high.

Among the popularly known mobile device usage, iPhones from Apple stand prominent, and it is one of the generic complaints from the users about the limited storage capacity in the iPhone.

Users must rely heavily on the iCloud storage option, which is a paid cloud storage option, leading to significant costs for the users.

Imagine the case of an organization using iPhones as the official devices for its employees, and the quantum of costs involved for iCloud cloud storage for users’ data backup.

How to backup your iPhone? In this article, exploring the way out for data backup of iPhone without iCloud data storage, some of the possible options are highlighted.

How to Backup iPhone? Need for iPhone Backup? 

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Problems of lag or physical damage to the iPhone devices if occur could result in loss of data if they are not appropriately managed for data backup.

Right from the contact list to documents created or photos collected over the local storage in iPhones (the ones that are not cloud backup in iCloud), will be compromised.

Thus, some of the cloud backup services for iPhone users can be resourceful for data backup from the iPhone on regular basis.


Among the potential options available for iPhone users for data backup using cloud storage, fully features cloud backup services offered to global customers.

For users who prefer to have data backup over as a free service, the service offering is around 5GB of storage space as cloud backup space is free for use.

If the users have more than 5GB of data to be data backup, there are some paid service options available.

Though the data transfers in the free package of cloud backup are limited, and only get access to basic sharing and collaborated features of cloud backup.

An added advantage of this cloud backup solution is the end-to-end encryption wherein there is complete control over the data backup taken into the system.

Even for sensitive business data users, the iPhone backup over the data backup solutions can be a highly resourceful solution, with security features.

The password protection and two-factor authentication model in the system are secured access control for data backup.

In the instances of any human error of overwriting a data backup file, file versioning will support in backtrack from the cloud storage for up to 30 days.

Devices like iPads and iPhones’ data backup can be managed effectively with’s reliable service.

2. IDrive

The other effective cloud backup solution for iPhone’s data backup is IDrive, which is robust cloud storage full system disk image data backup archiving.

IDrive is known for its more effective end-to-end encryption model, wherein the service is available for data backup of iPhones and iPads.

The data backup solutions can support data backup of all sorts like contacts, videos, and calendar schedules.

At half the price of what is paid for iCloud, the volume of storage one can access with IDrive for data backup is phenomenal.

IDrive supports sync on the move, and the scope of cross-compatibility is a potential feature of this cloud storage solution.

Also, the features for sharing and collaborating on projects using the IDrive cloud storage for iPhones are a good value proposition for users.

3. Livedrive 

Livedrive is known among cloud backup users as a potential solution for iPhone data backup, as this cloud storage solution is watertight and secured.

The basic plan offers 200 GB of data backup storage space, and this cloud backup solution has a web-based portal accessible using Safari or any other web browser.

The additional feature with Livedrive is a custom iOS app available for download from Apple app stores for managing the data backup over the cloud storage.

File versioning facility for 30 days and recovery scope for the data backup in cloud storage, the scan feature available is the other value-added feature.

The scan feature of this cloud backup system supports scanning the physical documents too as a PDF, which is highly resourceful for iPhone users.

The other advantage of this cloud storage model is the accessibility to files anywhere and streaming the music from the cloud space, which can be very helpful for iPhone users.

In comparative costs for the cloud backup in comparison to iCloud, Livedrive is a significant option for data backup from iPhones.

Underestimating the uncertainties should be avoided, and the users must ensure the data backup options are managed effectively.

The industry practices of managing the data backup in 3-2-1 practice like main device, iCloud storage, and the complete data backup in any of the above cloud storage solutions can be a reasonable practice.

To know more on server backup, and the solutions to help in managing the cloud data backup, reach out to our tech support teams at Exabytes Malaysia to guide more on the interesting tools and techniques for data protection and disaster recovery solution.

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Information About iCloud Backup for Your iPhone

iPhone iCloud data backup

The iCloud service allows you to backup your iPhone and iPad data and settings to the internet.

This means that you can restore all of your data if something happens to your device. You can also use iCloud as a way to sync all of your information across multiple devices, like an iPhone, iPad, and Mac computer.

There are two ways that you can backup your iPhone with iCloud:

1. Automatic Backup

This is the default setting for most people. When enabled, any new photos or videos that are added on one device will be automatically uploaded to the iCloud account.

2. Manual Backup

If for some reason you don’t want automatic backups enabled (for example if you’re low on storage space), then this is an option for a manual backup.

The first thing you should do when setting up iCloud is signing in with your Apple ID. You can find the option in Settings > iCloud > Sign In With Apple ID.

The next step is to back up your phone by going to Settings > iCloud > Backup Now

The iCloud system will now back up your device’s settings and data. To finish the set up, go to Settings; go to iCloud and sign in with your Apple ID again.

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