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how to use Microsoft Teams

Among the scores of video conferencing and instant communication systems, Microsoft Teams is one of the popular solutions from Microsoft 365, which is used by millions of users for video conferencing, and team collaboration efforts.

Microsoft Teams are not only available for Windows, but also Microsoft Teams for Mac is available for users.

There are a distinct set of features integral to the Microsoft Team’s download, and if the business teams can make use of solutions, it can be significant for managing the business communication.

Microsoft Teams is available for users in different licenses like Office 365, corporate subscriptions like the E5, E3, E1, business essentials, and business premium.

Also, Microsoft Teams are available on the educational version licenses too, and there are online videos available as to how to use the Microsoft Teams.

Multiple sets of interfaces are available for Microsoft Teams as a desktop, mobile, and web version, and the Microsoft Teams download can happen over smartphones.

In addition, Microsoft Teams can be accessed from a web browser, and the number of people who can access the Teams accounts in a business account is basis the license subscription from the business owners.

However, across the Microsoft Team solutions, guest access to the system is allowed, and Office 365 users can be invited to the team’s hub without any additional need for licenses.

For the enterprise and business account solutions, the admin teams have better access and controls, wherein the admin can regulate the user accounts from the enterprise, and allow document sharing, collaboration, and channels among the teams between various departments.

Microsoft Teams can be well regulated in terms of security, and services for business communication. Scope for customization of the settings and usage practices specific to the organization.

Microsoft Teams

To use Microsoft Teams, businesses have to sign-up for licensed Microsoft accounts, and every user to have access to the teams should have an association with the user account.

Once the users have a Microsoft account, access to Microsoft Teams is much easier.

Scores of effective ways integral to adapting the Microsoft Teams download are as follows.

Following are some of the key benefits integral to using Microsoft Teams. 

1. Teams and Channels

Microsoft Teams have the feature of creating channels, wherein for every different user group like departments or projects, or coordination groups, a different set of channels can be created.

The Microsoft Teams download in the business wherein the users can have better coordination and communication among the groups.

The communication among the groups could be instant messages on the channels, scheduled meetings, collaboration of the documents sharing, etc. over the teams and channels.

2. Conversations within channels and customized group invites

All the team members can have a view of the inputs shared in the channels by the other participants.

More often, the team meetings as virtual meetings can take place from Microsoft Teams, using the channels.

virtual meeting

In addition to the group meetings from the channels, personal direct messages using the Microsoft Teams’ download is possible among the groups.

Using the chat function, one can reach out to members, individual teams, or groups basis the communication access available to members, and the business operations can be handled seamlessly using the Microsoft Teams.

3. Documents storage in SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint

Every team member can rely on Microsoft Teams for having a site in SharePoint online, which constitutes managing the documents, managing the Microsoft Team’s download for default document library access is the other benefit of the system.

The benefit of the SharePoint solution among the group users of Microsoft Teams is the automatic saving of files and documents shared among the user networks,

3. Online video calling 

Using the Microsoft Teams account of the users depending on the individual user account or business account has the facility for video calling.

The features are so significant that even with the limited bandwidth, video conferencing can be effective.

However, the limitations for the number of users in one video calling as a group call is basis the user account subscription nature.

For individual one-to-one user accounts, there is hardly any limitation, and one can use the video conferencing solutions for small or large group presentations too.

4. Screen Sharing

Increasing virtual meetings has the demand for screen sharing for presentations, document sharing to the other participants, etc. and in Microsoft Teams, the facility is available for the users to share their screens of the complete screen or specific tab, as per the preferences of the users working on Microsoft Teams.

5. Training and Audio Conferencing

Online meetings are a reality in Microsoft Teams wherein thousands of users can participate in the sessions.

This kind of feature managed effectively can host even ten thousand users in an instance, and it can be very resourceful for business to target their product launch, online training, and workshop solutions.

The audio-conferencing solution available with Microsoft Teams supports users to join the meetings via phone.

Using the dial-in number spanning hundreds of cities, users can choose to participate in meetings managed over Microsoft Teams using their phones, without having to require the internet.

The services integral to the Microsoft 365 business voice can support in replacement of the conventional phone system, and the business can manage seamless communication among the user networks in effective ways.

All these benefits of Microsoft Teams can be accessible to the users with a simple registration to Microsoft account and subscribing to the services.

The setup links for Microsoft Teams download for PC and Mac, and Android version are available on the Microsoft site.

Download Microsoft Teams, log in using the user account, and connect to the world of opportunities.

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