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Accelerate Business Digitalisation with Cloud Technology

6 October 2021 | 2.00PM – 4.00PM

Join us now to know how to leverage cloud technology in accelerating your business digitalisation.


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In this day and age, most of the businesses had transform digitally in order to secure their business and to enhance their business growth. We are now in the generation where the technology is developing rapidly, there are cloud technology or platform available for SMEs to digitalise their business effectively.

This webinar aims to let you know the cloud technology or platform that are able to accelerate your business digitalisation effectively. The speakers is going to share their insight on how these cloud technology is going to bring your business digitalisation to a new height.

Event Details: 

  • Date: 6 October 2021 (Wednesday)
  • Time: 2.00PM to 4.00PM
  • Venue: Zoom Webinar


2.00PM to 3.00PM: [Discovering Cloud Tools To Propel Your Business]

by  Nachi Leong, Small Business Specialist, Xero

Join Small Business Specialist, Nachi Leong as she debunks common misconceptions about the cloud and shares actionable insights on how business owners can leverage digital tools to innovate your business.

3.00PM to 4.00PM: [I’m an SME with a million and one problems. Why should I care about going digital using cloud technology?]

by Alia Alsagoff, Director of Business Development, Dropee.com

As an SME business owner, we face all kinds of challenges in operating and growing our business. We all know that it’s important to go digital and COVID-19 has made it even harder for us to postpone this eventual decision that we have to make. But there are so many ways, methods, and options to “go digital”. How do we make the right choice when it comes to adopting a cloud-based digital solution? 

Event Details

Date: October 06, 2021

Start time: 14:00 UTC+08

End time: 16:00 UTC+08

Venue: Zoom Webinar

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