Sales Made Easy: How to Effectively Use Google Workspace as Your CRM Software


Google Workspace as Your Sales CRM Software

To store and manage client data from many channels – websites, social media, customer service channels, etc. – in one location, many firms and organizations, especially bigger ones, use sales CRM software.

A CRM system assists the business in managing relationships with present and future customers.

We’re frequently taught that having sales CRM software in place is essential for properly managing customer connections.

However, a critical consideration for Google Workspace customers is whether they truly need a CRM system when they already have Google Workspace applications

Why a CRM System May Not Be the Ideal Answer for Every Business

Let’s go through some of the reasons why establishing sales CRM software for the company may or may not be the best option.

In larger firms with hundreds or even thousands of contacts, a CRM system may be required to manage such a vast number of contacts.

However, for smaller businesses that use Google Workspace features in their daily operations, having a CRM system may not be the best long-term answer.

1. It takes time to implement new sales CRM Software

Everyone understands that changing team members’ routines and teaching them how to use new CRM system tools is a challenging undertaking.

It also requires time and effort to teach personnel how to utilize the new CRM system tools. It is sometimes required in order to enhance working methods, and once a team has mastered a new CRM system tool, they seldom want to let it go.

However, it’s vital to realize that once a company brings a new CRM system tool to the team and begins training them, you’re basically pausing company operations.

CRM software cannot be used unless they are properly integrated with the existing tools, and one will never get the most out of CRM software until the team is well-trained to utilize them.

Remember that any new CRM systems tools introduced, especially something as important as a Sales CRM software that will be used by practically everyone in the organization must be coordinated with IT, sales, and all other departments.

This guarantees that everything is correctly integrated and that the new CRM software procedures work smoothly.

2. Using a CRM system may negatively impact the customer experience.

While sales CRM software may make customer interactions more efficient, it can also remove the personal touch.

Many CRM system functions are automated, including message and calendar management, as well as data input, contact changes, and lead and opportunity updates.

Customer interactions should ideally be a healthy mix of human conversation and automated duties.

While one can normally contact customers straight from the CRM system, one should still maintain a second email for non-customer-related communications, which means one has to utilize two systems at the same time every day.

How to Use Google Workspace Tools Instead of a CRM System to Manage Contacts

Google Workspace Admin Console

Many businesses and organizations want an easy way to access their connections, leads, and contact information, as well as a centralized database for all contacts.

This is usually where a CRM software comes in. But what if one doesn’t actually require a system to organize, communicate, and manage their contacts?

Simply explained, the most critical benefits of installing a CRM system are already available through Google Workspace.

1. Manage, organize, and share your Google contacts with Google Workspace.

Contacts in Google Workspace may be organized into multiple categories and address books by adding labels to them. The labels may be chosen by the user, and new ones can be added as needed.

One can also manage all the contacts’ information in one location, and simply add comments and other information to the contact details.

Custom fields can also be added to Google Workspace contacts.

Share Google Contact

2. Add pertinent information to the contacts directly.

Once the contact has been added to your Google Contacts, you may add information such as a company name and the person’s title, as well as important phone numbers and other contact information.

Notes regarding meetings one had with the contact, such as if they requested a demo of the product before making a purchase decision, can also be included in Google Workspace contacts.

3. Collaborate to ensure that one never misses an update on the prospects or consumers.

Users may interact with leads and customers from anywhere in Google Workspace using a plug-in like Shared Contacts for Google Workspace, making comments and notes and receiving notifications when the contact is amended.

Users can add comments or notes to a contact’s profile in Google Workspace once it has been added to their Google Contacts.

How to Use Google Workspace Instead of a CRM system

Google Workspace Interface

Let’s use a simplified scenario from real life to demonstrate how Google Workspace features function as a CRM system.

  1. A potential consumer contacts one via email. In another case, one may be reaching out to them with Gmail App.
  2. Enter the pertinent notes in Google Workspace contact and label the contact “Leads.” Along with what is spoken during the conversation about the customer’s wants or your services like CRM software.
  3. One, make sure the internal sales staff is aware of the “Leads” term. Assigning permissions is as straightforward as it is in Google Docs: simply click to ensure that the appropriate persons have access to this contact and its data.
  4. One should forward the email to your sales associate. The colleague will receive the notes and all the information they require about the prior encounters with this Google Workspace contact in addition to the email.
  5. The contact information and any notes you’ve placed to the contact are visible to the colleague. They can restart the chat immediately on Google Workspace. There are a lot of things one can do with the help of Google Workspace like a CRM system.


Google Workspace includes all of the tools one needs, like a sales CRM system to manage fundamental customer connections such as contact sharing and management, address books, permissions and access, and more.

Exabytes can assist you in setting up Google Workspace for your business. To know more about contact us now.

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