How Much Does Website Hosting Cost in Malaysia?


Website Hosting Cost

Website hosting plays an important role in the digital enablement of businesses, and globally for organizations considering effective online presence, having an appropriate kind of web hosting plan is important. 

In website hosting and domain, businesses need to choose the appropriate kind of website hosting option that best fits the actual hosting and domain for the specific business type.

Increasing competitive business scenarios in hosting and domain business paved way for competitive pricing models for web hosting by various service providers. 

However, there are some important metrics and set-of services that reflect on the final package for the website hosting.

Selection of a small-scale or budget web hosting service company for your business hosting and domain purpose may save money upfront, but it would not be worth the savings in the instances emerging as the vulnerability of the servers, or poor maintenance of the systems leading to service interruptions, etc. 

In this article, the emphasis is on understanding the probable costs for a different kinds of website hosting options available and the kind of costs to be incurred by the businesses towards managing the hosting and domain requirements. 

Simple Web Hosting 

Any small-scale website hosting service provider can offer this set-up of service at basic costs.

Though usage of such services is not prominent in the current scenario, this kind of website hosting is about shared resources hosting.

The service providers might run a server wherein multiple sets of websites related to various clients are co-hosted.

This managed service offering from the service provider offering it as a package for hosting and the domain is economical and best fits the websites for namesake.

However, for businesses planning for strong online presence management, and improving the search engine rankings, speed, and performance of the website, this set of package options does not seem relevant.

This kind of shared resources hosting has an average cost of $30 annually for hosting.

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Public Cloud Hosting 

In addition to the basic support system available in the shared hosting services, public cloud hosting services too is a widely chosen option by SMBs to host their websites.

Increasing competition among businesses, compounded by the preferences for cloud-based website hosting, leads to increased demand for public cloud hosting.

In this hosting set-up, the service provider relies on the cloud servers deployed at multiple geo-locations and offers the servers for hosting and domain.

The key benefit of public cloud hosting is the increased performance of the web hosting in comparison to the conventional hosting scenario.

Also, the service providers ensure the maximum uptime possible for the server which is a benefit of website hosting in the public cloud hosting.

The price on average for public cloud hosting solutions is around $60 wherein the services are available for hosting and domain.

Dedicated Server Hosting 


For businesses that rely completely on online presence, like online stores, and e-business systems having more visitor traffic, it must depend on the uninterrupted service offerings in the website hosting.

In addition to the responsiveness of the system, data security and data storage solution are important.

As a private cloud computing, the dedicated server hosting option is exclusively about offering the specific server for website hosting or web application hosting.

The services can be managed service offerings, and certainly, the cost of the services is comparatively higher than the conventional web hosting price options

The dedicated server hosting options could be around $250 -$400 depending on the service providers offering website and domain hosting.

Also, the other factors that impact the price scenario are the cost of resource deployment, improvements to the systems, etc.

VPS Hosting Services

virtual private server

As an intermediary option for the public cloud hosting or the dedicated web hosting option, the other significant option is about virtual private server hosting option.

In the VPS hosting solutions, the service provider offers a specific server space as exclusive and dedicated resources to the Webhosting solutions.

The key advantage of this kind of VPS hosting option is the flexibility available for the clients to host their additional security applications or other integral applications for the website hosting.

In the case of the VPS hosting services, there are benefits like the managed service offerings for the maintenance of the security, and reliability of the servers, alongside having dedicated server resources working for the website hosting and domain.

While the services can be significant in VPS hosting, it is also competitive in price in comparison to private cloud computing solutions.

The other key benefit is the scalability in the VPS hosting for website hosting option.

Depending on the traffic and the storage requirement, the scope for flexible hosting is possible in the VPS hosting services.

The approximate cost for the hosting and domain is around $150 – $300 for VPS-based website hosting.

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In cloud website hosting solutions, some services are offered as a inclusive package to the solution.

However, the other set of options, like the data security solutions such as encryption tools, data backup options, and security tags such as SSL certification options, can add additional costs to the package offerings.

In the selection of website hosting, SMBs must focus on long-term factors like reliability, performance, and service quality.

More often, when the hosting and domain services are marketed online or offline by service providers, the businesses at times ignore the fine print elements.

It is essential that the business account for such gaps in the system, identify the process that is important for business continuity, and choose such kind of website hosting options.

To manage better web hosting, businesses must consider the option of migrating the existing hosting and domain to the reputed service providers (if the current services are not to a satisfactory mark) and ensure good hosting and domain management.

Does your business have the website hosting appropriately, or do you prefer to launch your new website using reputed hosting and domain service providers?

Reach out to team Exabytes Malaysia for more information and attractive pricing deals for website hosting options.

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