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Simplifying Microsoft 365: The Periodic Table Guide

Microsoft Windows is the one operating system billions of people prefer in their personal computers and information systems networks.

Though UNIX and LINUX range of operating systems exist for a long, they are profoundly used in institutional computing solutions.

More of the small-scale businesses having office desktop computers, laptops, and personal computers of people were loaded with Microsoft operating systems and applications. 

As contemporary, though MacOs gained popularity, the operating system is limited to only Apple Mac book, and thus, Microsoft has its monopoly in the operating systems environment.

Starting with a limited product range of operating systems and Microsoft Office productivity offerings, today the evolution of Microsoft 365 is a wide transformation in terms of integration of various service and product offerings.

Microsoft 365

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Microsoft 365 is the new brand identity established by Microsoft for its range of products and services offered under one umbrella Microsoft 365 apps.

A user signing up with a user account in Microsoft can access a wide range of product offerings including online collaboration tools like video conferencing

Though there are many like Microsoft Excel available in the current market, users are so used-to and reliant on the seamless options available as part of Microsoft Excel being integrated with Microsoft 365

Microsoft Excel

Scores of service and product offerings in Microsoft 365 available are intended to make the task easier for the users.

Whereas the challenge is with the range of overlapping services available as Microsoft 365 apps, tend to create confusion among the users.

In simple terms, though there are dozens of applications available in Microsoft 365, there is a minimal number of solutions users know by memory.

Many of the services available in Microsoft 365 apps are not known to common users.

The trend was started by a geek a few years ago by developing a periodic table of services offered by Microsoft 365, Microsoft encourages and continues the updates as Microsoft Periodic Table.

A glance into the infographic of the periodic table reflects on the series of service and product offerings from Microsoft.

The first set of Microsoft periodic tables carved is to detail the range of services and products.

Microsoft 365 periodic table

In one snapshot. Following the practice, the contemporary periodic table for Microsoft 365 Apps is presented in the infographic figure above. 

The image refers to various products and their attributed usage in the business and works environment.

Depending on the context attribute like the storage solution or people management or data analysis, users can find the series of solutions offered by M365 apps.

Though at times the range of apps is confounding, still quantum of solutions offered by Microsoft 365, is phenomenal.

Some of the most commonly used Microsoft 365 apps include:

  1. Microsoft Word – a word processing application used for creating, editing, and formatting documents.
  2. Microsoft Excel – a spreadsheet application used for organizing, analyzing, and visualizing data in the form of tables and charts.
  3. Microsoft PowerPoint – a presentation application used for creating slideshows and delivering visual presentations.
  4. Microsoft Outlook – an email and calendar application used for managing emails, scheduling appointments, and organizing tasks.
  5. Microsoft OneNote – a digital note-taking application used for capturing and organizing notes, ideas, and information in a digital format.
  6. Microsoft Teams – a collaboration and communication application used for team messaging, video calls, and file sharing.
  7. Microsoft SharePoint – a document management and collaboration platform used for creating and managing websites, intranets, and shared workspaces.
  8. Microsoft OneDrive – a cloud storage service used for storing and syncing files across devices, and sharing files with others.
  9. Microsoft Planner – a task management application used for creating and assigning tasks, setting deadlines, and tracking progress.
  10. Microsoft Forms – a survey and form creation application used for collecting data and feedback from users.
  11. Microsoft Power Automate – a workflow automation application used for creating automated tasks and processes.
  12. Microsoft Power BI – a business intelligence and data visualization application used for analyzing and visualizing data in interactive dashboards and reports.
  13. Microsoft Access – a database management application used for creating and managing databases for organizing and analyzing data.
  14. Microsoft Publisher – a desktop publishing application used for creating professional-quality publications such as brochures, flyers, and newsletters.

List of improvements in the new Microsoft 365 periodic table

  1. The layout is phenomenally improved to improve the user’s navigation experience. Tactically, the entire table is rebuilt to focus on the user’s experience and ease of knowing the various product offerings. 
  2. As a product suite, Microsoft 365 has a wide range of solutions, and more often the question is about “what tools can be useful for this scenario”. The new periodic table is created with a focus on context-based guidance wherein the M365 apps can be used for getting a task or the process executed. The wizard available in the periodic table of Microsoft 365 Apps URL offers a choice to choose the right apps according to the need.
  3. Personalized Table as a feature is another  advantage of the new periodic table of Microsoft 365 apps. For instance, the personal requirements users can filter the apps that are more specific to enterprise editions, and the ones that are not required for small-scale businesses using the Microsoft 365 apps. Thus, the new personalized table option helps the users in filtering the app context and accordingly has personalized inputs of the periodic table of M365.Just by logging into the Microsoft account, the periodic table highlights the apps integral to the license subscription and grey out the others.This helps users in understanding the availability and accessibility to the specific range of Microsoft 365 apps they can use.
  4. With a table-based Applications Launch, it becomes easy to improvise and deploy new-age apps using M365 service. The table can be used as a home page, and it can simply replace the need for Microsoft 365 apps waffle again. It is paramount for the users to understand the series of service offerings available from a service provider.

Over time, Microsoft 365 has launched many of its contemporary applications that benefit the users in office management, data storage, team management, virtual meetings, and cloud-based access to the admin controls, etc.

The innovative approach of using the periodic table technique to define the product and service range, focused attempt from stakeholders to use the model for offering insights into context-based app detailing among the Microsoft 365 is an elating user experience.

The quick glimpse system developed for M365 apps is impeccable, and it is certainly a value proposition for users trying to explore the range of service offerings from Microsoft 365.

With more launches expected from Microsoft 365 and the seamless integration possible among the existing services, it is pragmatic that SMBs of Malaysia can have more seamless integration of the Microsoft 365 apps.

Companies aspiring to improve operational efficiency and productivity among the digital front of the business, can make use of the M365 Periodic Table to do so.

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Microsoft 365 Plans For Business

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