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Enterprise Marketing Manager (KL)

Exabytes Enterprise Business Division is looking for an experienced Marketing Manager who will help grow the cloud, security and managed services business by strategizing, defining, executing, and managing integrated marketing programs. This role will be the owner and driver who is able to study the Enterprise Business Division’s products and services, locating key propositions that will attract customers and creating marketing campaigns for the solutions and services. He or she will promote enterprise solutions branding, execute demand generation initiatives and managed leads conversion activities in the existing enterprise customer base as well as newly developed market segments.


  • Market strategy: Lays the foundation for Exabytes Enterprise market segment success by using market research and competitive analysis to develop market strategies. It is the high-level thinking, planning, and research that will enable in-depth knowledge of target markets and how to best introduce the products and services into each market.
  • Marketing program: In conjunction with the Sales Team, the Marketing Manager outlines the product positioning which articulates the value proposition. This is further detailed in the messaging which links each feature and the unique selling proposition to a customer-oriented benefit.
  • Supporting sales: Sales convinces customers to buy our products and services; they generate market push. To do so effectively, sales folks need great sales tools. Marketing Manager knows what sales tools salespeople need to get their jobs done and what points to emphasize so that the sales pitch is more successful by developing marketing messaging that differentiates our products and services from others in the market.
  • Lead & demand generation: Communicate the value of Exabytes Enterprise products and services to the targeted market segments by organizing physical and/or virtual customer events and promotional activities including professional social media platforms such as Linkedin and other industry specific associations.
  • Marketing materials content creation: Create compelling  sales and marketing content such as case studies, videos, website copy and blog posts for brand enhancement, promotional activities and demand generation purposes.
  • Customer insight: Gain insight into enterprise customer use of current products and services, untapped opportunities and buyer personas
  • Customer lifecycle: Measure and optimize the buyer journey as it relates to products and services subscription and usage pattern for upselling and cross selling expansion
  • Budget management: Manage marketing budget and approval processes


  • 3-5 years’ experience in either brand/product management, upstream/downstream marketing, and integration with sales activities.
  • Experience in contributing to the development of strategic marketing plan.
  • Skilled and experienced in working with different functions and effectively coordinating their marketing related activities to achieve the desired results.
  • Outstanding communication, presentation, organizational and time management skills.
  • Attention to details.

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