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Solve Your Biggest Cloud Security Risks — Today

SOC & Managed Security Services High Level Workflow

24x7 Security Incident Monitoring & Response Services

Security Monitoring, Data aggregation, Correlation and Analytics

On-demand/scheduled reporting

As per various industry standards to ensure regulatory compliant

User and Entity Behaviour Analytics (UEBA) with Threat Hunting & Real Time Detection

Analyzing correlating, reporting & mitigating incidents and global threats

Multi-Cloud Assessment Services

Threat Detection

Based on the MITRE ATT & CK framework, this rapid threat detection helps to respond quickly to incidents across your multi-cloud environment.

Detect Privilege Escalation/ Credential Compromise

Complete visibility of all cloud account activity within minutes of configuration. Threat Intelligence platform immediately detects any unauthorized IAM changes to help with swift response and action.

Remediate With Real-Time Threat Detection Insights

Audit trails of all changes to multi-cloud environment is available for review. Amazon Web Service (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (CGP), Huawei Cloud, Alibaba Cloud. With actionable insights provided, potential threats to cloud infrastructure can be remediated.

Reduce Investigation Meantime With Rapid Threat Detection

With Threat Intelligence and holistic view of suspected asset and understanding the full context from both a configuration and activity perspective with associated event severity, meantime to detecting, investigating, and remediating threats can be reduced greatly.

Detect Suspicious User Activity

With User / Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) capability, anomaly detection on possible threat behaviour based on the MITRE ATT & CK framework can be performed in realtime

Compliance Automation

Compliance fulfillment via continuous cloud compliance monitoring with mapping of security controls.

Assessment services that help keep your business secure

Improve your baseline cloud security

Identify your cloud-based security risks, develop effective methods to close those risks, and prioritize your end-to-end remediation actions

Achieve and maintain compliance

Objectively measure how well your current cloud environment aligns with specific regulatory standards and learn how to meet them.

Keep the evolving cloud landscape secure

Assess a wide range of popular cloud platforms against an up-to-date library of threats to deploy well-protected digital environments rapidly

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