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.xyz gives you the freedom of choice and the spark to innovate. Go you creators, you rebels, you coders and developers, you creatives, you inventors and innovators. Go #GenXYZ!

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What Does .XYZ Mean?

The .xyz domain is a new generic top-level domain (TLD) and was created to provide a more neutral TLD for anyone to use. It was introduced in 2014 as an alternative to traditional TLDs such as .com, .net, and .org.
"XYZ" represents the last three letters of the alphabet and shows that this TLD is the "end" of the standard domain name system.
As a popular TLD, .xyz is used for innovative, forward-thinking websites and projects by individuals, businesses, and organisations.

Why Choose .XYZ Domain Name?

.xyz domain

.xyz has become the go-to domain ending for Generations X, Y and Z: the next generation of internet users. By hitting the reset button on the internet and giving millions of new internet users around the world a chance to get the domain name they want, with a domain ending that just makes sense.

The alphabet ends in xyz, and so should your domain name. It’s short and memorable, it’s catchy, and it connects you with Generations X, Y and Z. Just like you use “xyz” to take on any meaning in a sentence, the .xyz domain can be whatever you want it to be.

.xyz domain
.xyz domain

Get creative with a great name to the left side of .xyz and let your clients and friends remember your online presence with a .xyz domain.

Trusted Brands Use .XYZ Domain Too

Google Using XYZ


FOX using XYZ

Fox Entertainment

Metaverse Using XYZ

Steve Aoki


.XYZ is an open TLD domain extension with no registration restrictions that who seek creativity and flexibility. It is a short and memorable domain name without the limitation of labels or language barriers.

There are no any restrictions on who can register a .XYZ domain name. Any individual or organizations from any country also eligible to register a .XYZ domain name.
There are no any document required for .XYZ domain extension.
Currently only 3 characters or more .XYZ domain name are available for registrations.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Standard prices apply to regular domain names. Exabytes reserves the right to refund or request a top-up for premium domains.
  2. Promotion price is applicable to new registration only. For renewal, the price will be reverted to default price.
  3. Domain Name Money-Back Guarantee is valid for 3 days (from the date of payment).
  4. Domain registrations are based on first-come, first-served basis upon payment confirmation. It will only be processed upon successful payment received by our billing department.
  5. Submitting your order(s) to Exabytes does not mean your requested domain(s) is/are already registered until payment confirmation is received.
  6. Domain registration fees are strictly non refundable.
  7. This promotion is NOT applicable for the registration/purchase of Premium Domains, Pragmatic Domains and Premium Numeric Domains. Exabytes reserves the right to cancel any domain orders that involve the aforementioned domains.
  8. Information for limitation of characters on domain names. Read More.
  9. Exabytes reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of this offer without any prior notice.
  10. For enquiries, please contact us.
  11. You do agree to our terms of service available here.

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